APC Offers Convenience, Flexibility with Larger LIFELINE Package Sizes

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Monday, August 1, 2016

APC, Inc., maker of the LIFELINE brand of nutrition products for calves, lambs and kids, is now offering four of its most popular products in new, larger package sizes that will offer multiple feedings per bag or pail. The products available in new package sizes include:

  • LIFELINE Boost Colostrum Booster: Now available in a 25-lb. bag with 50 calf feedings per bag
  • LIFELINE Nourish Colostrum Replacer: Now available in a 27.5-lb. bag with 25 calf feedings per bag
  • LIFELINE Rescue High-Level Colostrum Replacer: Now available in a 30-lb. bag with 25 calf feedings per bag
  • LIFELINE Rescue Lamb & Kid Colostrum Replacer: Now available in a 9.3-lb. pail with 21-49 lamb/kid feedings per pail (based on body weight)

“The larger packages were created in response to feedback from customers who love the performance and quality of these LIFELINE products but felt it was inconvenient to mix the products one carton at a time when they had multiple newborns to feed,” said Jennifer Whetzel, Vice President of Marketing at APC, Inc. “We now have single-serve cartons and bulk packages, which truly makes LIFELINE an ideal choice for beef and dairy operations of any size.”


About APC, Inc.

APC Consumer Products Division’s mission is to help animals thrive. We work hard every day to create products that help improve the lives of animals. This was our focus when we were founded in 1981, and it still is today. For more than 30 years we have been spearheading discoveries that have changed animal health and performance worldwide.

 The LIFELINE brand of colostrum products delivers innovative, complete solutions that are easy to use, highly palatable and provide a quick visual response. Because LIFELINE products rapidly deliver essential nutrition newborns need, you’ll quickly see livelier, more vibrant animals. Each year more than 2.5 million calves thrive on LIFELINE products. Visit WatchThemThrive.com to learn more.